01 June 2014

How genius is that!?!! Thee Eviltones just launched a retro video game as part of their debut album release on DEAD BY MONO RECORDS - "In the Shadow of the Beast". The video game takes you back in time to the 8 bit Spectrum Era, with cool retro graphics and sounds! Choose one of the band characters and lead him through gloomy halls and dark rooms in an old haunted house where you will have to fight zombie girls, giant spiders, bats and other creepy creatures! Secret doors and spiky floors, all against your scores. But that's not to despair, there is help on this hard quest,  buy the Eviltones LP (available in black or in a bright transparent purple) and you will find a code that will give you extra lives, a powerful flame-thrower weapon and 2x scores.
Sure it will make it easier! The way out?? Well, you will have to find out!