15 January 2009


Finally, the Duo-Sonic debut single is out and it sounds fantastic! 4 songs with the real deal!
The songs sound hypersonic and it really rocks!!!

500 copies handnumbered in a killer red transparent vinyl!

Available from www.deadbymono.com

01 January 2009

Sunglasses After Dark Session!

After sun went down and the moon came up wearing sun glasses for sure, kicked off an amazing night with an enjoyable set spun by Liz and Dj Cherry Fuzz. The Vagabonds were the first act in the night; 30 minutes of garage zombie punk songs to please the teenagers were wolves in the room that attendees that night at Chameleon. Second act was performed by The Murdocks other brilliant local Garage Rock band. The childish style made the audience shook up until the end of their set. The Eviltones deliver the last show in the night, sooner they jumped on the stage, voodoo calls started to be heard cursing the ones that were surrendered for a dance macabre. The mutant guitar raised furious filling up the room with a fuzzy song which made all bodies shaking for almost an hour. It was a powerful show delivered with tones of booze and groovy songs. For the ones that missed it, get yourself ready for the next one!!!