15 October 2008

Hypermonosonic Recordings Studios

Finally, Hypermonosonic Recordings have moved into a new place! After years of recording and producing, we are now settled on this brand new studio!
Great atmosphere, unique sound and in-house Producer with a deep knowledge and the skills to put hands on the job.
If you are looking for somewhere to work with true passion and can acknowledge all sub-genres of Rock 'n' Roll, roots or 60's music, then you've found it!
Come around to see the new studio and we will have the pleasure to make you stand out in the battle of the loudness! For more information visit www.hypermonosonicrecordings.co.uk

02 October 2008

Goin to the studio...HARRY SONS!

Harry Sons first full length to be recorded next month! The Moto Guzzy team won't let you down with their frenetic hi-octane Rock 'n' Roll!!!! To be released early next year in both vinyl and cd format! Greatt!!!

14 September 2008


The Eviltones will be playing in Spain next month starting at Gruta77 on the 24th of October.